We'll plant the most suitable shrubs and trees for your garden

Creative Gardens can advise on the most suitable shrubs or trees for your garden. As plant specialists, we are meticulous about plant quality as we want to ensure that your garden thrives and is everything you want it to be. Shrubs are often a great solution for anyone seeking a low-maintenance garden without simply resorting to gravel or paving. But ensuring that they are planted in the right place and with space to grow is also important and that’s where our experienced team can help. With the right varieties and planted properly, shrubs can maintain an all year-round interest in your garden and will also create seasonal splashes of colour. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.

Need a low-maintenance garden? We can help!

Increasingly popular are low-maintenance gardens, ideal for busy and retired people who still want to enjoy the splash of colour gardens can bring, but without having to work hard to keep the garden looking stunning. We can advise on garden ideas that meet your specific needs including sleeper-tiered gardens, a perfect solution for steep embankments. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.